Saturday, June 9, 2012

New England Lacrosse Journal: All Roads Lead to the Big Game


The famous ending quote from the movie “The Naked City” –filmed in and about New York City—says, “There are eight million stories the naked city. This has been one of them.”

Take a snapshot of any event and look at all the people involved. Every single one of them has their own unique story as to how he or she got there.

The Konica Minolta Big City Classic took place at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, home of the NFL’s New York Giants and Jets, just across the river from New York City. It is one of college lacrosse’s biggest stages aside from championship weekend.

It’s an honor for a team to be selected to play in the big day and it’s a memorable moment for all the players involved.

For the New England Lacrosse Journal May issue I was given the task of telling the stories of four players that made it to the big day. The four took such different paths all to wind up at the same event. Here is how four different people took four entirely unique ways to wind up at the Big City Classic.

Harrison Freid went from club to D1 and takes the road less traveled to play at the Big City Classic for St. John's:

Hakeem Lecky is a 20-year-old freshman at Syracuse after a prep season and a redshirt year, but the Jamaican-born, Duxbury, Mass.-bred is starting for Syracuse after taking the long road to the Big City Classic:

Chris Shannon was a football player at Duke and was a little jealous of the championships won by the Duke basketball and lacrosse teams. Wanting a piece of the action he decided to just join the lacrosse team himself, taking the alternate road to the Big City Classic:

Mark Goodrich was a big-time recruit out of The Rivers School for Johns Hopkins. But playing time was difficult to come by in his first few seasons due to injury. He persevered though and took the hard road to the Big City Classic:

Video from YouTube.

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