Friday, October 2, 2009

NFL Week 4 Picks

Photo Credit. AP Photo/ Tom Gannam

So last week I was quite successful with my picks, going 12-4 on the weekend. This weekend features some good matchups, such as Ravens-Patriots, Saints-Jets, and Packers-Vikings on Monday night. Here's who I like to pick up wins this weekend:

Detroit (1-2) at Chicago (2-1)

Congratulations Detroit! You’ve won for the first time since 2007! Time to start another losing streak. Chicago gets the win.

Cincinnati (2-1) at Cleveland (0-3)

The Bengals were my guilty pleasure of the summer. They were a pleasure to watch on HBO’s Hard Knocks. It was really hilarious. I felt guilty though, because I thought they were going to have an awful season. I guess I was wrong. It hasn’t been pretty all the time, and they sure are causing a lot of heart-problems in Cincinnati, as all their results have come in the waning minutes of their games. Literally every game has come to the wire. But they are playing tough, and Cleveland hasn’t. Win for the Bengals here.

Seattle (1-2) at Indianapolis (3-0)

Last week, the Colts were losing 3-0 through the second quarter. I was working my shift at the Boston Globe, and my co-worker and I were wondering if maybe the Colts were starting to decline. Then in just over seven minutes they scored three touchdowns and took control of the game. Sorry to ever doubt you Peyton. I pick them to beat up on the Seahawks.

New York Giants (3-0) at Kansas City (0-3)

Giants. Easily. It isn’t all good news for the G-Men though. Safety Kenny Phillips had microfracture surgery on his left knee and won’t be able to even run for five months.

Baltimore (3-0) at New England (2-1)

Baltimore has looked sharp in every facet of the game this season. Tom Brady played better last week, but he still wasn’t himself, especially in the first half. He doesn’t look confident. How will he react with Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, and Ed Reed coming at him full speed? I’ll take Baltimore.

Tampa Bay (0-3) at Washington (1-2)

Both these teams have looked miserable this season. The Buccaneers do have a new coach, and they did have to play a tough Giants team last week. Their other opponents, the Cowboys and Bills, weren’t horrible either. What’s your excuse Washington? Embarrassing victory against the helpless Rams and then let the Lions beat you? Ouch. Another team gets their first win of the season courtesy of the Redskins (for the record, if Tampa Bay does win, they will be the third team in four weeks to get their first win against Washington—if that doesn’t say doormat I don’t know what does).

Tennessee (0-3) at Jacksonville (1-2)

What is going through Chris Johnson’s mind right now? In three losses, he’s rushed for 351 yards and two touchdowns and caught 11 passes for 106 yards and another touchdown. He’s got to be wondering what else he can do to help the team win a game. They face another dynamic running back this weekend in Maurice Jones-Drew. Too bad the rest of Jacksonville isn’t as good as he is. I’ll take Tennessee to finally get in the win column.

Oakland (1-2) at Houston (1-2)

Recent Raider first round picks: OL Robert Gallery, QB JaMarcus Russell, RB Darren McFadden, and WR Darius Heyward-Bey. All offense. One would think that they would be pretty exciting to watch, even if they weren’t winning. Not true. In three games they’ve scored 36 points, bad enough for third worst in the league. The Saints have scored more than that in one week—twice. Houston wins.

New York Jets (3-0) at New Orleans (3-0)

The Jets have looked good so far. Strong defense. Mark Sanchez gets better every week, and his rushing touchdown was phenomenal. I have a lot of respect for a quarterback that runs like that to make sure his team wins. Still, I am enamored with Drew Brees. Not only do the Jets have to go up against the best quarterback in the league right now, but they have to do so without cornerbacks Lito Sheppard and Donald Strickland. I’ll take the Saints at home.

Buffalo (1-2) at Miami (0-3)

Is Terrell Owens primed for a breakout week? He got into the media this week after some time staying quiet. Poor T.O. He’s so misunderstood. He only ran himself out of San Francisco, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Dallas. But it’s the media’s fault for sure. They pick on him for no reason at all. As for the game? Who knows? Buffalo already blew one against an AFC East foe. As for Miami, the Chad Henne era begins. With his promotion, Pat White gets promoted to number two, where they can actually use him in the Wildcat. This game really is a toss-up, but I’ll take Miami.

St. Louis (0-3) at San Francisco (2-1)

Another NFC West stinker. The 49er’s got beat by another Brett Favre miracle last week. I still think they are the best team in their division, and they showed they can be competitive. St.Louis, well they can be competitive with Washington. San Francisco wins this one.

Dallas (2-1) at Denver (3-0)

Dallas has looked awful so far. Yes, I know, they are 2-1. But they haven’t showed in those wins that they are a good team. They are also banged up at running back right now, with injuries to Marion Barber and Felix Jones. Denver, meanwhile, has looked solid. True, they did get to play Cleveland and Oakland, both extremely weak opponents. But I don’t feel confident in picking Dallas at all right now. I’ll go with Denver.

San Diego (2-1) at Pittsburgh (1-2)

Pittsburgh has really stumbled out of the gate since beating the Titans in overtime in week 1. Think they miss Troy Polamalu? Still, I have faith in them putting everything back together. They get to go back to the comforts of Heinz Field this week after losing two straight on the road. Look for Ben Roethlisberger to live up to his reputation as a team leader and put the Steelers back on track.

Green Bay (2-1) at Minnesota (3-0)

Green Bay is the toughest team Minnesota has faced yet. Favre will be juiced to play his old team. It’s really all he’s wanted to do since he retired the first time. Don’t think Green Bay wouldn’t like to shut him up though and make a stand for Aaron Rodgers. It’ll be a battle, but as long as Rodgers lets his team do the talking and doesn’t try to out –throw Favre, I believe Green Bay will be victorious.

Byes: Atlanta, Philadelphia, Arizona, Carolina

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  1. Agree with most of them...But obviously I'm biased towards my cowboys, however...theres no way theyre moving the ball on the cowboys....if you can take one thing out of the MN game alst week, it's that the boys D has gotten better each week...the giants score may not show it but when romo gives them the ball on the 30 every series its tough to hold down an offense...Dallas by 3 in mile high