Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When is enough, enough?

AP Photo/ Scott Audette


Enough already Brett. This act is getting old.

When does it stop? It seems like every offseason for the past five years has been about you and whether you’re done playing football or not. One minute you’re returning as a Packer, the next you’re retired but quickly change your mind and become a Jet, retire again, ask for a release, and now you want to play for the Vikings? It’s getting ridiculous. I respected you as a Packer. Now? I just want you to go away.

It isn’t my job to tell you when to retire. Only you know when the time is right. But at least make up your mind. Your indecisiveness has lost you a lot of credibility.

I understand that elite athletes hate to be without the game. Lance Armstrong is making a comeback, but he is doing so to support a cause. Michael Jordan came out of retirement twice, too. But there are a couple of differences between Jordan’s comebacks and yours. Jordan actually went away from the game for some time before returning. He missed almost two full seasons before his first comeback (he played in 17 games in the 1994-95 campaign), and sat out another two season before playing for the Wizards (not to mention also giving his entire Wizards’ salary to relief efforts for the attacks from September 11, 2001). His absence gave us a chance to miss him; to realize how good we had it as fans with him on the court, and how much the game was different without him. You, Brett, are just stringing us along. You’re taking advantage of our appreciation for your talents.

And when Jordan came back he was still the best player on the floor. You can’t say the same about your first comeback. When you retired you said you “didn’t want to” play anymore. Then you conveniently (purposely?) didn’t become a Jet until after team minicamps and training camps, and the lack of preparation showed. Your 22 interceptions and horrendous play down the stretch overshadowed your solid start to the year.

You retired again and told us “It’s time to leave.” We were skeptical, but you stayed out of the news for quite some time. That is, until Friday, April 29, when you (asked for?) were released by the Jets. You reassured us you were “retired and have no intention of returning to football.” Alas, now you are talking to the Vikings about possibly making another return? Really?

What is fueling this? Do you legitimately think you can win another Super Bowl if you join the Vikings (I mean, if Jeff George thinks he can take Minnesota to the promised land, certainly Favre can)? Do you still want revenge on the Packers (For what, I’m still confused about—once you retired they had every right to move on; just because you changed your mind doesn’t mean they have to change the direction they had taken their football team in)?

You know what though, Brett? I, for one, don’t care anymore. I’m tired of the rumors, the speculation. Be a man of your word. If you retire and say you don’t want to play anymore, don’t go back on your word and give us a half-hearted return. It’s disrespectful to the game, your teammates, the fans, and yourself.

No one wants to see you kill your own image, but you’re leaving us no choice. Please, save face. Let us remember you as the gun-slinging leader of a Super Bowl Packers team, not a liar and over-the-hill clubhouse killer of a Jets, or even worse, Vikings team.

Don’t let the great memories fade into oblivion. Keep dragging out the end of your career, making the glory days seem ages ago, and we may never remember how great you once were.

Remember this? Video from YouTube via NFL Network.


  1. Who is anyone to tell Brett Favre he cannot play? ESPN "experts", polls, Twitter, yadda-yadda-yadda puke!!! He certainly does keep everyone talking. He certainly keeps the NFL in peoples conversations. He certainly brings $$$ to the table no matter where he goes. So to all the washed up never-beens that want to tell the single greatest quarterback in NFL history to finally stay retired, to quit quitting, to shut up already, keep it coming. I think your coming across the much bigger fool, and much smaller person, than he will ever become. Can't even "Comment as" a twitterer, this guys blog is washed up and he should just quit....... tool.

  2. Favre has denied any rumors that he will come back and the Vikings have denied even considering him, so you might want to save the hate until something actually happens. Brett is a great football player and he didn't lose down the stretch, the Jets team did.

  3. You are retarded if you think it was the Jets that lost it down the stretch and not Farve. He did every little thing to lose them the season. In the last five games of the season, his stats: 1011 yards, 98/175 for a comp% of 56%, 2 TD's, 9 Int's and QB ratings of 60.9, 60.8, 61.4, 48.7, 45.1. They lost 4 of the last 5 games of the season going from 8-3 to 9-7, a terrible collapse, they only needed to win 2 of those games. So how can you say it wasn't his fault at all. He made every wrong throw possible.